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Flexible and reliable communication for mining contractors

Whether it is setting up for six weeks or six months, teams from MACA Limited can access reliable internet and phone services quickly and easily from some of the most isolates sites in the world.

The civil and mining contracting company is often the first to reach and set up camp at future mining or construction projects, ahead of more permanent infrastructure being established.

“We get contracts in some pretty isolated places, we go out there to set up mining operations or civil works and most of the time there is very little or no communication,” says MACA Information Technology Manager, Harry Plange.

“Orion understands that we need to be able to set up quickly and we need flexible terms – we may be on site for three to six weeks, sometimes more, sometimes less,”

“Other companies said that isn’t possible, we had to lock into 36 month contracts but Orion said they could do it for us and they do.”

“Through Orion we have Road Cases which take 45 minutes to set up – for setting up satellite internet you don’t get much faster than that.”

Harry says the ability to access reliable communication was essential in what could be a hazardous environment.

“We have people in the middle of nowhere working with heavy machinery.”

“If people hurt themselves or run into other trouble, we need to know we can call for help.”

“Orion understands the issues we have and they share those issues – it is a partnership that goes beyond a normal business relationship.  You get the feeling people care.”


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