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Call whenever you need to. Data whenever you want it. With Orion’s connectivity solutions specifically crafted for the most unforgiving and remote parts of the world, you never need to be out of touch.

We offer flexible, effective communications options, from portable satellite options and broadband on the move to office-grade connections for voice and data connectivity.

Whether you are a small exploration camp that needs a fast and portable set-up or a station requiring fixed satellite systems that can support high-demand applications, there’s a satellite option that is right for you.

We also think ahead, offering leading options for disaster recovery, emergency back-up networks and fail-safes so you stay connected when it matters most.

Talk to us to today to see how we can get you closer to where you need to be.

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Powerful and Portable Communications Services

We offer our clients the highly versatile VSAT hardware in the form of a re-deployable kit known as a Roadcase. This system contains every component required to enjoy communication connectivity even in the harshest, most remote environment. All you need is generated power and the Roadcase will provide a remote camp with office-like connectivity including broadband internet, telephony and fax.

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Fixed Land-based Remote Systems

Thanks to the incredible versatility of technology developed by Orion, our VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) solutions have the capacity to ensure your remote project gets the same network connectivity of your metro office. Coupled with scalable broadband plans, that are ideal for a small number of users or dedicated bandwidth pipes hosting multiple PC connections, as well delivering industry-leading telephony. Get the same phone functionality you would receive from a regular PSTN service, including line hunting, extension dialing and prepaid phone card services. Orion telephony services can be terminated into a PABX and can host fax services.
It is easily integrated with other technologies, such as WiFi, LTE, SIP and WAN acceleration.

These fixed land based remote system services are the ideal solution for the preconstruction/production-phase of projects, adding a third dimension to the transfer of data and acting as a reliable back-up connection should your remote site’s primary communication link ever fail. They are also ideal for small teams whose connectivity needs might grow over time.

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Voice Services

Our voice-via-satellite service offers high-quality voice calls with low calling costs (29c untimed nationally) to provide a critically important option for connecting your staff with home. As more companies venture into remote areas, they recognise the value of offering social connectivity to site staff – connecting wherever you are to wherever you need to be.

Orion’s network celebrates an uptime of over 99.95%, so you are always able to make a call, and we can configure your remote site’s phone system to ensure seamless connection with your city HQ.

Our phone solutions support prepaid calling functionality, call waiting, call forwarding and line hunting, as well as fax.

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Disaster Recovery

Our VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) systems feature low-cost hardware options and economical subscriptions and are an ideal back-up technology for your primary communications. As our VSAT solution does not rely on any terrestrial infrastructure, this is the technology you need in emergency or disaster situations as a failsafe for loss of critical connectivity.

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SCPC Large Scale Dedicated Satellite Solutions

Our SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier) solutions provide business-grade broadband connectivity, featuring low latency and high bandwidth. SCPC solutions are ideal for larger scale projects that require a greater volume of bandwidth – enabling hosting of on-site applications including voice, data and video.

Our SCPC service features the latest, efficient bandwidth management tools such as carrier-in-carrier technology, the most efficient method to utilise satellite bandwidth. Our SCPC service can either run across the internet or terminate directly into a client’s private network.

Regardless of your organisation’s size, our SCPC service is the perfect solution for VoIP, stock management systems, supply chain systems and video conferencing.

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Tailored Services

Orion works by working with you and we can tailor our solutions to meet the demands of most sophisticated networks. We are able to terminate into private clouds, run private tails and configure satellite hardware to run with firewalls and WAN accelerators. Orion will tailor and implement best practice solutions that not only meet but exceed your required capacity, now and into the future. Our scalable solutions are designed to work and grow as you do.

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Mobile Backhauling (LTE and 3G)

Orion can customise a mobile network for your remote site and deliver both voice and data to compatible mobile devices.

We manage all hardware, data and telephony, delivered and backhauled via an Orion satellite service.

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Network Management

Orion can manage a client’s network from end to end, ensuring the best possible network performance, as well as managing traffic types and permissions.

We can connect your remote office to your head office seamlessly, so your files get to where they need to go on time.

Bad service costs money. Good service is a click away.

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How else can we help?

Orion can assist you with a range of solutions that can make any connection easier, including:

TracStar antennas:
Self-pointing and auto aligning antennae designed to minimise any downtime

Iridium explorer units:
Self-pointing units offering both data and telephony that deliver ease of access and low-cost installation

BGAN solutions:
Small, highly portable terminals that are easy to access and simple to point

Auto-switching options between primary and secondary links:
Configured/managed devices that automatically fail-over to a second form of connectivity if the primary link fails.

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